About My Classes

Unfortunately I am not feeling well at the moment,so
local yoga teacher Susan Matthews will be covering classes while I'm unwell. The Wednesday the beginner's Class will be taken by her at the slightly earlier than previous time of 6.00pm - 7.00pm, and the Monday mixed-ability class will be at the regular time of 5.30pm - 7.00pm
Please note there is no Beginner class during half term, Wed 1st June. Thanks 
All classes with Susan will be pay as you go, £8 for Monday class and £6 for Wednesday's Beginner class.
Beginner's Class in Solihull!
Wednesday evening 6.00pm - 7.00pm, Catherine de Barnes Village Hall, Hampton Lane, B91 2TJ 
If you want a good foundation in the practice of yoga, a class aimed specifically at beginner's is a great way to start...they are also quite hard to come by, so if you're new to yoga and would be interested in this new class, please do get in touch!

I have been teaching for about eight years in Leamington Spa and  teaching in Solihull for about six (see Class times for details) My classes are designed to enable anyone to be able to have a go. An important aspect of yoga is learning to pay attention to what is happening internally as you practice, and so there is an emphasis on 'listening' to your body and respecting your limits from moment to moment. That isn't to say you stay fixed within your limits, but to allow them to shift in a way that is interesting and fun to observe. Each lesson involves movements and postures, linked with your breathing, breathing techniques, and a guided relaxation. I hope to encourage an interest and ability to practice yourself at home, and for those who already practice, to explore and enjoy further.

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